In March 1984, the cultural association "Santa Teresa Choir" was founded by a group of "Capella Music" lovers. They were members of the parents' association in "El Carmelo" School, Today "Montessori" School in Zaragoza.

Their repertoire is based on well-known pieces, as well as on the search, adaptation and interpretation of Aragonese Chapel Masters.

From its foundation, and up to August 2000, Mr. Manuel Casares Enríquez was responsible for the direction, which enabled him to know the voices of the members and all their possibilities. From September 2000 up to September 2004: Mr. Alfredo Vinues Mercader. From September 2004 up to Junio 2005: MR. Luis Urueña Cantalapiedra.

Thanks to their own style, they have taken part in important international musical performances and competitions, where Spanish Polyphony is very appreciated. 

Their specialisation in Baroque and Renaissance Music has led them to a sound collaboration with the professional French instrumental group "Les Cuivres de Navarre", directed by Jean Claude Fourticq.

Up to now, Santa Teresa Choir has given more than 830 concerts. Their ample repertoire (more than 200 pieces, from the 15th to the 20th centuries) allows them to make monographic programs in religious, profane, popular and Christmas music, with more than 30 pieces in the last group.

Some important events have been:
Their works in Music Initiation cycles; their cultural programs sponsored by different institutions; their more than 20 performances with the group "Les Cuivres de Navarre", not only in France but also in Spain; their election and participation in the "36th Rasegna Internationale" in Loreto (Italy); their performance to H.H. John Paul II in the Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican; their participation, thanks to the invitation of the Culture Ministry of the Czech Republic, in their International Religious Music Cycles, their participation in the Choirs´ 99 Festival in Faro - Algarve - Portugal, their participation in The International Festival in Izegem-Flandes (Belgium)

Santa Teresa Choir has also received several invitations from other groups and institutions in Germany, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Italy and France, being their assistance possibilities limited due to the amateur character of all their members and, therefore, their professional obligations.

To their original motto "We like singing", we could now add "...and we enjoy being listened to".



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