These files have been recorded at different live concerts by the Choral Group itself.. They have not been touched or changed in any way by any recording studio

ˇAy luna que reluces! Anonimo 4 v.m. S. XV-XVI 1,04 min 506 kb fragment
In manus tuas C. Cortes* 4 v.m. S.XVI 2,02 min 963 kb fragment
Beati omnes M. Robledo* 4 v.m. S.XVI 1,32 min 726 kb fragment
Regina Coeli Laetare Anonimo. Colegiata de Borja* 4 v.m. S. XVI-XVII (?) 0,45 min 360 kb fragment
Popule Meus T. L. de Victoria 4 v.m. S. XVI-XVII 1,59 min 935 kb fragment
Regina Coeli J. Cererols Doble coro a 4 v.m. S.XVII 1,08 min 540 kb fragment
Christus natus est nobis F. Valles* Doble coro a 4 v.m. S.XVII-XVIII 1,45 min 825 kb fragment
Madrigal (Cançó P. Serafí) C. Taltabull. Tex. P.Serafí 4 v.m. S.XIX-XX 2,30 min 1,15MB fragment
Salve Regina M. Casares Enriquez 4 v.m. S. XX-XXI 1,46 min 838 kb fragment
Salve Regina ** Hilarión Eslava 4 v.m. S. XIX 3,30 min 1,60 Mb fragment
Canto de la Olivera (jota aragonesa) Arm. M. Casares 4 v.m.y solista A Popular 1,45 min 825 kb fragment

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* Jointly with the Russian group Elegia, **Jointly with the Russian group Elegia, not recorded by THE CHORAL GROUP

Oh salutaris hostia ** V.Ruiz Aznar S. XVIII España Latin 2min 14 seg.

Popule meus** Victoria S.XVI-XVII España Latin 2min 42 seg.

Dios te salve Cruz preciosa** Anonimo S. XV España Español 2min 40 seg.

46 Rassegna Internacional en Loreto. Italia.    46th International RASSEGNA, in Loretto, Italy.